March 14, 2006

I think FreeCycle’s a great thing .. except that they use Yahoo! as a platform:


Date: 14-Mar-2006 14:50

Subject: Should FreeCycle support Yahoo?

external image 105493550_4ac2372a8b.jpg?v=0

In view of Yahoo’s recent involvement in prosecution of political dissidents in China, I feel uncomfortable about using its services. A morally motivated initiative such as FreeCycle should shun Yahoo’s practices. Having a network this large move away would definitely send a message across. I suggest freecycle groups be encouraged to migrate to alternative service providers.

For more information, see:



February 28, 2006

ok, put a vacation messege on my email, saying ‘please send to my other address, here’s why’

and sent a proposal to switch supplier to a few lists I manage.

and it won’t be easy

February 28, 2006

severing myself from yahoo.

I have a yahoo email.

I own over 10 yahoo groups.

I’m a memeber of about 50 others.

I have a 360 account, a flickr account, an upccoming account, etc. etc.

(still not sure about purchesed companies, though)

Hello world!

February 28, 2006

I’ve given it some thought. I decided I should do something. You just can’t ignore bad behaviour just because its a company you used to like. What’s like got to do with companies anyway?

And its really simple. Really, really simple. Yahoo done wrong. We’re Yahoo customers (even if we don’t pay it a penny). We should let it know we disaprove.

So here’s for a campain to change Yahoo’s bad ways. The campain has a blog (here) a Wiki, and a logo:

The Wiki says what you should do.

The blog will tell you what I’m doing.

The logo is for you to put on your site, and link to the Wiki, or to here. Up to you.